Saturday, June 1, 2019

Maximize Performance and Recovery with AMP and Hemp Balm

There are so many recovery and performance-focused lotions on the fitness market that it quickly became overwhelming when I was trying to pick one. My focus is on science; I want to see that whatever product I’m buying has scientific backing to its name. What’s more, I needed something that was ideal for my goals and lifestyle. For example, I am a big proponent of using organic and responsibly-sourced products. I try to steer clear of anything synthetic if I can help it.

After a ton of research, I finally found two fitness lotions that I have made a part of my daily routine for optimal performance and fast recovery: AMP and Hemp Balm.

What is AMP?

AMPis a sports-focused lotion that is unique in two key ways: First, it has been the subject of multiple independent studies, proving all of the benefits that it claims to have. I’ll talk more about these studies below.

Second, AMP uses a compound called bicarb, the foundation behind its usefulness. When you are pushing yourself in the weight room, on a bike, or on the track, your muscles begin to produce acids that build up and negatively impact performance. Bicarb has been shown to neutralize these acids, promoting the following benefits:

Benefits of AMP

Decreases Muscular Fatigue:I’ve often used lotions to help me recover such as the classic menthol-based cream, but I’ve never found one that was able to help me inside the weight room. AMP has been shown to increase the amount of work you can do while exercising. Studiesshow that it increases intervals completed to exhaustion or muscle failure by up to 25%. This means more repetitions, sets, and volume, and overall better results. 
Reduces Muscle Soreness:AMP has also been shown to decrease muscle sorenessby up to 53%. Delayed-onset muscle soreness can hamper your performance or keep you out of the gym altogether. Being able to decrease soreness enough to get back to training can help you achieve results faster. Personally, I prefer using AMP before and during my workouts. I save the post-workout recovery for Hemp Balm (more on that below).

Improves Overall Performance: Regardless of your sport or activity, performance is everything if you want to improve. AMP has been shown to increase lactate levelsto help fuel muscles by up to 11%. When you exercise, your body begins to build up a compound called lactic acid. At a low to moderate intensity, the body is able to efficiently remove the lactic acid that builds up. But when you exercise at a higher intensity, you produce more lactic acid than the body can remove, resulting in higher levels of lactate in the blood. Lactate has been shown to be a direct energy source for muscle tissue and AMP supports the increase in lactate levels.

What is Hemp Balm?

Hemp Balmis a full spectrum CBD hemp-based lotion that contains no THC. I’m a huge fan of Hemp Balm because it’s sourced exclusively from organically grown hemp, so you don’t have to worry about pesticides. As far as quality, it’s cold-pressed, which helps to preserve the active phytonutrients at their strongest levels. It’s a bit different from AMP in that it is a balm, not a lotion. Both rub into the skin very easily, but a balm is in solidified form.

Benefits of Hemp Balm

Reduces Inflammation:CBD-based products have been getting a lot of attention during the last few years because of their ability to reduce inflammation. One studyfound that CBD lotion helped to alleviate inflammation, arthritis, and pain-related behaviors in rats. Since it’s super concentrated, Hemp Balm has an immediate effect on inflammation post-workout.

Promotes Relaxation: Hemp Balm is an excellent and natural way to promote relaxation. Remember, there’s no THC in this product so you don’t have to worry. The CBD contained within Hemp Balm has been shown to dramatically help those with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in alleviating feelings of anxiety.

Improves Sleep: Continuing with the point above, Hemp Balm is the perfect way to help you get to sleep without a prescription, which is my favorite time to use it. Studiesshow that using CBD-based products have helped those with insomnia return to a normal sleeping schedule. 

My Experience with AMP and Hemp Balm

I use AMP and Hemp Balm as a part of my normal workout schedule. I will use AMP first, always before a workout. If I’m feeling like I need a boost or if my muscles are sorer than usual, I’ll put on more about halfway through my workout. The lotion itself goes on very smooth. AMP doesn’t leave that greasy feeling that I used to get with other lotions. The smell is pleasant; it doesn’t have that over powering or synthetic odor.

With that said, I use AMP pre and intra-workout because of the effect it has on my performance. I notice that I don’t tire as quickly, I’m able to perform more repetitions, and most importantly, I can push harder for those last few repetitions to complete muscle failure. If I haven’t been recovering as well as I normally do, AMP helps to alleviate my muscle soreness during workouts.

Once my workout is finished and I want to focus on recovery and eliminating soreness, I’ll turn to Hemp Balm. Right before I go to bed, I will apply the Hemp Balm to sore places with a focus on the muscle groups I worked that day. It helps me relax and I find that I sleep much better once I use it. When I wake in the morning, my soreness feels dull at the most and it’s gone at best. 

That’s not to say you can’t use AMP as a part of your post-workout recovery routine. In fact, that’s what it’s made for. It’s just I find I get recover better by using AMP early in the day and Hemp Balm at night.

Have Any Questions About AMP and Hemp Balm?

Considering using these products in your performance and recovery routine? Want to know more about AMP and Hemp Balm? Let me know in the comments below!